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Headache Disorders

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Oviedo Family Medicine Specialists knows that headache disorders, like migraines (classic migraine and common migraine) and tension headaches ("stress headache”), are not just in your head, but could be in the products you use or your family medical history. Depending on the severity and actions taken to alleviate the pain, headaches can be debilitating, lasting 4 to 72 hours.

There are many triggers that cause migraine or tension headaches, like environmental changes, stress, certain foods or beverages, certain smells, medications, changes in mood, muscle tension and heredity.  Headaches can come out of nowhere or give specific telltale warning signs, sometimes called a “premonition” or aura in migraine headaches.

Dr. Dumbacher and Dr. Ng can diagnose the headache disorder, as well as prescribe treatment options, many of which are as simple as changes in lifestyle habits like diet and hygiene. Even after certain diet adjustments are made, like cutting out caffeine or chocolate, there is still the potential that medication is required if symptoms persist or are extremely severe.

If you think you suffer from a headache disorder, such as migraines, stress headaches or tension headaches, and would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dumbacher or Dr. Ng at Oviedo Family Medicine Specialists, call 407.366.8856.