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Family Medicine Online Resources

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Oviedo Family Medicine Specialists is often asked where to find reliable and comprehensive information about family medicine and primary health care. There are thousands of websites offering useful health care information, resources and services.

Many health care organizations provide a multitude of patient and caregiver information and resources to help educate and guide patients through every stage of life, as well as offer assistance to people who suffer from chronic diseases and disabilities.

Please keep in mind that just as medical science, technology and information changes quickly, the websites might too! The team at Oviedo Family Medicine Specialists put together the following list as a guide to provide further information on relevant family medicine topics.

However, Oviedo Family Medicine Specialists cannot vouch for or claim support of all the content provided on the websites, nor those websites that may have links within the originally visited site. Please use caution when surfing the internet and researching health care, disorder and disease topics. There are many marketing claims that don’t contain sound medical advice.  Please consult Dr. Dumbacher or Dr. Ng if you have any questions.

The following websites are great places to start any health care topic search.

Organization Web Link
Aging with Dignity
AmericanAcademyof Pediatricians
American Cancer Society
American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Family Doctor
Health Care for Women
Hyster Sisters – We bring Doctors’ Knowledge to You
My Pyramid (Choose My Plate)
National Health Council
US Department of Agriculture
US Department of Health and Human Services
Women’s Health